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Match City

What is MatchCity?

Players build up their city by placing colored tiles on a grid. These tiles are one of 3 colors (green, yellow or blue) and numbered 0-5. Players make matches of 3 or more tiles of the same color and level. When a match is made, a higher level of that colored tile is set where the match occurs. For example, when a player matches three level-1 green tiles, a new level-2 green tile is created. The player obtains a score for every match made. A higher score is rewarded for higher level matches. A new tile is drawn each time one is placed on the board. The game ends when the board is filled and the player does not have any moves left.


Players will have various powerups to use during each game. The Bulldozer allows the player to remove any tile on the board. The Crane allows the player to move a tile on the board to any unoccupied tile. The Star acts as a third tile that allows the player to make a match with 2 tiles of the same color and level.


Must be placed in the first 8-10 turns.

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